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Operation / Content Building
In the Japanese subscription market, there are many types of advertisement. The digital advertising methods using SEO, Mail, Banner, Reward, or Push Notification coexist with the traditional advertising methods such as distributing leaflets at carriers' local stores. These advertising methods are used by many Japanese publishers to acquire and retain customers. However, it is commonly known that there is no advertisement in foreign subscription markets. Therefore, many foreign developers are still not aware of this advertising system in the rather local and closed Japanese market. Moreover, to launch outstanding advertisements that can draw attention of potential customers and generate higher profit, besides the language barrier, there are many challenges such as detailed system restriction, and compulsory incorporation of unique APK regarding ad distribution. Under these conditions, UpSwell has been attaining a great revenue by having outstanding bilingual staff, and developing the know-how of managing advertisements in the Japanese subscription market over the last 6 years. UpSwell has also been delivering a successful service that help boost clients' sales by providing advice on advertising methods that match with the analysis of the market and the content of the ads.
When it comes to entering the Japanese subscription market, original technical specification and its update frequency, along with the difficulty of technical specification language, are the two technical problems foreign developers have to face. When releasing the app into the Japanese subscription market, since it is compulsory to follow the technical specification decided by each subscription market carrier, the first correspondence requires time and a high level of technical expertise. Moreover, during the time being in the subscription market, occasionally, there are notices about updating of technical specification which require amendment, and debugging within a short period of time. This is a heavy burden for the already busy foreign developers. Needless to mention that the technical specifications do not offer English version, and are written in Japanese with heavy use of difficult terms that even native speakers would find it hard to understand. Being familiar with technical specification, UpSwell staff will support foreign developers in tackling with this problem. This includes testing the app on each carriers' terminal, updating technical specification regularly, and sending debug log. These supports are provided not only before releasing, but also during the time the app stays in the subscription market without any requirement for prepaid payment.

*We don't deliver debugging service for the market outside carrier specification.


Development / Debugging


Market research / Creating and proposing business plan
From a high level of management experience and developmental technology attaining from six years exposing into subscription market, UpSwell has achieved three overwhelming superiorities compared to other competitors. First is the ability to support on both business and technical development. By taking the perspective of both business and technical development into consideration, the amount of time it takes from preparing to releasing the app to the market is reduced enormously, and the most suitable proposal is suggested. Second is the close relationship with Japan's three biggest carriers. From doing business with the carriers over a long term, the relationship between UpSwell and the three carriers has become stronger and stronger. Moreover, through face to face interactions, a lot of information such as market trends is collected. Thus, the assessment of the app in order to release into the market has a high acceptance rate. Third is having already been operating several apps on the market. This enables estimation of proposing app's sales from the download rate, number of review, and performance of UpSwell's apps that are already on the subscription market.

*Please contact us directly for information about sales.
UpSwell also localizes apps. In Japanese language, we use different expressions due to age, position, and time zone. Japanese customers also care very much about Japanese word usages and expressions. Even with this local and difficult language, our bilingual staff will translate and propose the most applicable interpretation, considering the app's scenes and characteristics.


Translating / Design proposing