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Release with UpSwell
au SmartPass 2012/12~
SoftBank App Pass 2014/7~
docomo Sugotoku 2015/8~

No Bad Effect to LegacyMarket

Akinator has already been on one-time purchase markets such as GooglePlay and App Store. The app is also on subscription market in Japan. The reason both markets are not violated is because the customer bases are different. Hence, the app can evolve in the one-time purchase market such as GooglePlay, and AppStore, and attain more profit from the subscription market.

As illustrated on the graph above, there was no change in the ranking of the app before or after the time of releasing the app into the subscription markets. The reason is that each market's customer base does not overlap each other.


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Akinator can read your mind and tell you what character you are thinking about, just by asking a few questions. Think of a real or fictional character and Akinator will try to guess who it is. Will you dare challenge the Genie?
TouchRetouch won first place out of hundreds of applications on auSmartPass.
TouchRetouch is an app that offers you all the tools you need to efficiently remove unwanted content from your photos. What magic can you do with TouchRetouch?
OfficeSuite lets you easily view, edit, and create Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, convert to/from PDF, and manage your files all with the most feature-rich mobile office solution available on Android.
VideoShow is a video editing application that can perform various video editing.
Movie, photos, filters, text, music, voices and other elements can be used to express the video as you want.
Drive Simulator
Drive Simulator is a drive simulation application that operates over 15 types of work vehicles such as crane cars and machines.
This application realizes real operability and challenges various missions.
Handy Photo
Handy Photo is an image editing application that combines advanced functions into one.
ThisĀ application has distinctive functions such as retouching and reverse trimming.
Let's make a special oneĀ image of you by yourself!
Golf no Shinjitsu
This app offers lessons on perfect golf swings taught by 'Lesson of the year' award winning golf instructor, Nobuhiro Nagai.
Ski Slopes Hero
Ski Slopes Hero is a video book app that will teach you how to master cool snowboard tricks!
The app offers super slow motion instructions to be as stylish as Ryuichi Kabeta.
Futsal Tech
Futsal Tech offers high speed videos illustrating futsal techniques directly demonstrated by current F leaguers.
With the practical instructions for any age, your futsal technique will be upgraded smoothly.
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